About Us

America Environmental Services is capable of processing non-hazardous, non-regulated liquids, solids and sludge from various types of Manufacturing Facilities, Food Industry, Trucking Companies, Latex Manufacturers, Adhesive Manufacturers, Oil Companies and numerous other types of companies. America Environmental Services has the capacity to process 220,000 gallons of non-hazardous waste in a series of in ground pits, and can store 1,200 non-hazardous waste drums. We have two drying bins located in the building that have a storage capacity of 500 yards each.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to provide customers with a professional, cost effective way to dispose of non-hazardous waste. The layout of the facility allows all waste to be processed within the building in a controlled environment. All bulk shipments are off-loaded inside the facility, directly into the waste processing pits, and all drum shipments are off-loaded at the dock doors. All processed waste shipments are also loaded under roof in a below grade bay.